Tumbling Classes


Tumbling Classes

Our tumbling classes are open to everyone including those already in our competition teams and cheer4fun classes. They are split into classes depending on the level of tumbles each athlete has so we can make sure the session is appropriate and effective for every athlete. We work through our tumble skills system and progress the athletes through the classes. If you are unsure which class your athlete should attend please contact us and we will let you know which you can sign up for. 

Our levelled tumbling classes are usually only for athletes ages 7years+ but we do occasionally make exceptions.

Skills for Each Level

Mini Tumble: Suitable for athletes aged 4-6years working on their tumbling basics ready to move onto harder level skills. Monday 5:15-6pm

Level 1 Tumbling Class: Suitable for complete Beginners working towards Handstands, Cartwheels, Round offs & Walkovers Friday 6-7pm

Level 2 Tumbling Class: Suitable for athletes with a confident back walkover, working towards back handsprings Friday 7-8pm

Level 3+ Tumbling Class: Suitable for athletes with a confident back handspring, working on tucks, layouts & twists Friday 8-9pm

How to sign up

To get your athlete signed up to the club you will need to fill out our form to create a coacha account with us (this can be done by clicking the 'Join Us' button at the top of the page).

Once you have filled out the form, we can accept your account (this is usually within 48hours), you will then get an email which will let you know which classes have spaces. Just let us know which class you'd let and we will do the rest for you!

If you are having any issues please email


Classes are paid for on a monthly subscription. Once you have booked into a class you will receive a payment link for that month's classes. Going forward you will receive a payment link via email in the week before each new month which needs to be paid before their first class each month.

If at any point you would like to cancel your place in your athletes class please ensure you let us know 2 working days before the next payment is due.

Athletes that already attend a Cheer4Fun or Competition class receive a reduced rate for tumbling classes.

 £18 per month (You will have a minimum of 4 sessions per month)

£10 reduced rate for athletes in Cheer4Fun or Competition Teams