Trouble with the Member Portal?

I can't log on:

Please make sure you have signed up to the club on Coacha. To do this you will need to click the 'Join Us' button at the top of this page and fill out the member form. Once you have done this you will need to wait to be approved (can take up to 24hours but normally quicker than this!), you will then be able to set up a log in and sign into the member portal to book onto any classes or trials.

If you already have set up a log in and it's not letting you log in please email and we will resend a reset password to you.

I've Forgotten my Password:

You can follow the link below for forgotten password or you can send us an email at and we will send a reset password to you.

I can't find where to book a class once I log in:

To book a class you need to click on class schedule, then scroll down on your phone or if you are on a computer it will be to the right hand side of the timetable and you can see a 'Book a class' section. You then need to select the class or trial you wish to attend, then below that you will need to select the date you wish to attend (you need to repeat for more than one class), after you have selected the date you can select the athlete you would like to attend and then click book.

I would like to cancel a class that I booked onto:

To cancel a class head back to the section on the portal where you booked it and just below you will see where your booked classes are, you can click to cancel it there. If you would like to cancel a class that you booked onto via email and not the member portal you will need to email to cancel (please ensure that it is a minimum of 2 days before your next billing cycle to ensure you aren't charged.

All the classes are saying 'Full' when I try to book:

Our system will only allow you to book onto a class starting in the next 60 days so if it is beyond that you will have to wait until you are within 60days to book. If it is within 60days and saying FULL this means there are no more spaces available in that class and you will have to choice another date, if you cannot make another date please email us and we will see what we can do to help (