Cheer4Fun Make up Sessions

Making up missed Sessions

If you have to miss a session or if your athlete is ill and you would like to make up the session they are going to miss please contact us as soon as possible. If you do not contact us to let us know we cannot offer a make up class.

If you have a planned absence please let us know a minimum of one week before the missed class, we will arrange a different day or week where you can make up your missed session. We will do our best to have your make up session within the same calendar month but this may not always be possible as most of our registers are very full.

If your athlete is ill please give as much notice as possible (24 hours before preferably).

Please Note: We will always do our best to give a catch up class but this may not always be possible.

How to let us know

To let us know your athlete will be missing a session you must contact us at, if you contact us via Facebook or any other way we may not receive in time and will not be able to offer a catch up session. Please make the subject of your email 'Request for Catch up Class' and include your athletes name, the class they usually attend within the email and the date they will be unable to attend. 

Any other questions about missed sessions please let us know.